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Stock Runner Notes

There are many stock screeners and stock filters on the internet, but none like Stock Runners.

Stock Runners is a program that looks at end-of-day stock closing price and volume. You can select the market, price and volume of interest. Simply click on Show Runners and after some time the downloaded stock symbols, prices and volume will be shown below in two columns as 3 Day Runners and 5 day Runners.

You can save your Runners information in the File/Save as Excel for future reference.

Click on a stock of interest and then go to the bottom of the program and click on "Show details online" or "Show chart online" and a link will provide you with that data or chart.

The Stock Runners program is intended to select those stocks on various markets that are consistently going up in price for consecutive days. The principle behind Stock Runners is not complicated and it isn't necessary to use more complicated filters such as Bollinger, candlesticks... A person can invest in various methods, such as Day Traders, short traders, long traders... and now Stock Runners.

The Stock Runners principle is to buy into one of those stocks increasing in price and hold for a short time, maybe a day, a week, or a month and then sell at a profit. Stock Runners is not intended for long term stock market investing.

It is good practice to put a stop loss order below your buy price to protect your investment, should the stock price suddenly drop. Try not to put the stop loss order too close to the buy price or on a normal swing intraday, you may sell the stock. The object is to make a profit after paying the buy and sell commissions to the brokerage firm.

It should be mentioned that most professional investment advisors tell clients that it is best to buy a stock/s and hold for a long term, through the peaks and valleys for 30 or 40 years. It should also be mentioned that the markets have consistently gone up over 30 years with down valleys.


Upon download it is accepted that the development team of Stock Runners is not liable for any stock or money losses that can possibly occur while using Stock Runners. The person or organization downloading Stock Runners accepts full responsibility for their own investments.

You must not sell, rent, lease, license, distribute or otherwise transfer this Software or any copies without the express prior written consent of the creators.

Enjoy Stock Runners!

Stock Runners Version 1.0 dated April 2010