Help, tutorials and examples for Game Maker

Paper Flight
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3D racing game with custom paper airplanes.

The Black Hole that Wants to Eat Me
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Stranded in space close to a black hole...
Guliseo Spirit
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Battle your way through 15 action-packed worlds!

Platformer Engine
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An Engine to help you start a 2D Platformer Game.
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Useful or interesting links

Here you'll find some links to other Game Maker related websites. If you'd like your website to be up here, send me an e-mail and I may add it. Do keep in mind that it has to be Game Maker related and that for most websites I would like a link back to mine.

Game Maker information, help, examples and tutorials

YoYo Games The main Game Maker website. Here you can find information on all curretly distributed versions of Game Maker and all related official projects by the official Game Maker distributor: YoYo Games.
YYG Sandbox This is the place to be if you want to play or show Game Maker creations. Creators can upload their games for free, and visitors can play, rate and comment those games. This site contains a massive amount of games.
GMC Forums This is the second Game Maker forum. It used to be the main forum in the days that YoYo Games didn't exist. Now it's been annexed to YoYo Games. This forum is a lot more active than the YoYo Games forum, your questions will usually be responded quite fast and it has the most experienced game developers. The disadvantage is that you have to make a separate account.
YYG WIKI This is the official Game Maker and YoYo Games WIKI. It contains articles about almost every Game Maker related item. If you need help, checking out the WIKI is always a good idea.

Game Maker games and Game Creator websites

Bleare Kingdoms ZekeGames' website. Zekegames is a co-moderator on YoYo Games. This website is about Bleare Kingdoms, a strategy RPG game.
Elementary Maze This is the website about Elementary Maze, a 3D Maze game, made by 3dpursuit. In this game you're a ninja and you have to beat the bad guys in the mythical world of Skwair.
Silent Walk FPS Creator This is the main website from a 3D FPS Creator made with Game Maker. If you want to make a 3D game, but you don't want to be bothered wil all that complex GML code, try your luck here.
Bebop Blog Bebop is a promising game developer who supplied several examples and tutorials for this website.