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Game for the GameJolt Invention Contest.

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An Engine to help you start a 2D Platformer Game.
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Lead your empire to conquer the galaxy.

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These are some files to help people out with their questions and problems concerning GM. If you use them, you only have to give credit to the creator if he asked for it, but it's only fair to do so anyway.

Examples which require a registered version of Game Maker have a PRO-label.
All examples were made in Game Maker 7 or Game Maker 8. The version number of a Game Maker file decides if you can open it with your version of Game Maker:

Game Maker 6: You can't open any Game Maker files on this website.
Game Maker 7: You can open most files indicated with the "GM7/8" label, unless they've been made with GM8.0.
Game Maker 8.0: You can open all example files with the "GM7/8" label.
Game Maker 8.1: You can open all example files on this website.

You are advised to download Game Maker 8 Lite from the YoYo Games website for these examples, most features will also work in GM6 or GM7 games, but you may need the new version to open the Game Maker files on this website.

Uploaddate Rating Downloads Title Type Comments
2011-03-26 1873 3D Mouse Look download
by Jack Oatley
This example shows how to use the mouse in a 3D world. The virtual mouse position is set by a script and kept in the global bariables X and Y.
2009-12-10 3372 3D Platform View download
by UKGameDev
This example shows how to make a 3D-style platformer. It uses 2D sprites, but it uses 3D elements to give the platformer a 3D effect. Unfortunately 3D effects require GM PRO. It's been designed by FGS_HURRICANE, though I did add some extra features to it.
2009-08-24 1705 Achievement System download GM7/8
This example shows you how to make a random achievement system. The player gets a code which can be used to move to that level again later on. The codes are generated randomly and are saved in the registry, so it's a lot harder to cheat.
2012-01-26 2538 Area Of Effect download GM7/8
This example shows how to create a blast radius (or Area Of Effect) to hit multiple objects in the proximity of an explosion. The example assumes that the origin of your sprite is located at the centre, so that the distance between the blast and the items can be measured as the distance between the two objects.
2008-07-23 1600 Binary files download GM7/8
This example tells you how to read from and write to binary files. It contains two scripts, one that saves 3 variables into a binary file and one that retrieves them. This example uses GML.
2011-07-22 2515 Car Drift download
M81-file PRO
This top-down example shows how to make a car create tire-marks when accelerating, breaking and turning. It uses a surface to reduce the amount of objects in the room. The disadvantage is that this might not work well for very large rooms.
2011-07-22 2708 Car Physics download
by HippoGames
This example shows how to make skid-marks with a car. The skid-marks are objects which fade out and self-destruct. Pro is required for the use of image_angle, which can be replaced with rotating subimages of the car- and skid-sprites (not explained in the example).
2011-02-19 1639 Cheat Codes download
by Bebop
This is a GML example for cheat codes. It shows two ways of entering cheat codes, one through messageboxes, one without them.
2009-11-26 2024 Clocks and date download GM7/8
This example shows you how to create a clock (analog or digital) or a calender. There are one digital clock, 3 analog clocks (self-drawn, using animations and using rotated sprites [PRO!]) and one digital calender. The calendar allows both American and British notation of the date. All objects can be given any offset in time or date.
2009-02-16 1517 Color Palette download GM7/8
This is an example on how to use a color palette in your game. It allows using manually defined colors, but it also contains a script which automatically designs an entire palette. Just give the amount of rows and columns and the colors are generated for you. The example uses one object for the palette, which is created by a different object when you right-click on it. The object draws the palette, senses mouse clicks and stores the color value in a local variable in its creator.
2008-07-13 1543 Custom Highscore download GM7/8
In case you don't like the highscore-system that's built into GM, this example shows you how to create one yourself. It requires some GML-understanding and uses arrays.
2009-03-03 1643 Custom Room Designer download ZIP-file PRO
This pack shows you how to use separate files to store the information about the levels. Each level has one file and each file contains all the information needed to design the room: objects, dimensions, views... The advantages of this system are that you can provide people with extra levels (expansion packages), or even let them design their own levels and share these with other players.
2009-10-25 1934 Custom sprites download ZIP-file PRO
This example explains how to let your player import images into the game. The images are saved into a local directory and loaded as sprites. This example requires PRO, because you need PRO to enable loading resources.
2008-08-24 1640 Destructible Terrain download GM7/8 PRO
This example explains how to create destructible terrain. It subtracts an explosion-sprite from a land-sprite to create a new sprite that's used for the land-object. This method requires the pro-version, though.
2011-03-26 2366 DLL Timer download
by Jack Oatley
ZIP-file PRO
This example shows the use of a DLL to get exact timing difference between two steps. This is used in this example to make a game room_speed independent.
2007-08-12 1536 Drag and drop download GM7/8
This file tells you how to enable moving objects with your mouse, by dragging them over the screen.
2009-01-21 1557 Drag And Drop Toolbar download GM7/8
This example shows you how to make a toolbar, select items and drop them somewhere in the room. The room has one view and this view can be moved by moving the mouse close to or beyond the border of the window.
2008-09-28 1590 Drop Down Menu download GM7/8
This example shows you how to produce a drop-down menu in your game. It uses sprites for all buttons and allows D&D to perform the actions of the buttons. There are three systems, a general menu (always the same, active everywhere), a selective menu (always the same, only certain objects) and an object specific menu (only certain objects, each object has its own menu).
2009-01-22 1580 Dynamic messagebox download GM7/8
This example provides a message object you can use to call an in-game messagebox, one that shows up while the game keeps playing. GM messageboxes stop the game until you choose OK or one of the options, with this messagebox the game isn't interrupted.
2009-07-05 2424 Electroshock download GM7/8
This example shows how to make an electrically curved line between two points. It doesn't require PRO, but it does use GML and scripts.
2007-07-13 1705 Encryption download ZIP-file
This is an example on how to encrypt files with GML. That's useful if you use external files to keep information the user should't be able to read or alter. If you want to use a file to store the score of the player, this player could easily increase his highscore by opening this file and modifying it. If you encrypt it, this is impossible.
2007-08-25 2496 Fighting game download GM7/8
This is an example on how to make a fighting game with enemies that have an acceptable amount of artificial intelligence. AI is quite hard to make and it is a main requirement for fighting games. The features of this example are: AI, large choice of characters, main menu, multiple enemies at the same time.
2008-02-14 1972 Fighting game for 2 players download GM7/8
This example uses the same engine as the previous fighting game example, but now it has a two player scheme, using different buttons on the keyboard.
2008-05-07 1884 Fighting game using resources download ZIP-file PRO
This example uses the same engine as the first fighting game example, but in order to reduce the loading-time when using larger sprites, it uses resources. Resources require GM pro, so don't try this example with an unregistered version of GM.
2007-10-27 1599 Fill-ins download GM7/8
This is an example on how to make your own fill-in fields. GM has functions to create a message-box, but these freeze the game and you can only show one message-box at a time. This example shows you how to make multiple fill-ins to enable to player to give and modify the names of all your main characters, until he starts the game.
2010-10-17 1658 Fire projectile download GM7/8
This example shows how to fire a projectile with gravity at an enemy object. The projectile will only hit the object if it moves at a constant speed and direction, though.
2009-05-06 1534 Flashing sprites download GM7/8 PRO
This is an example on how to make sprites change colors without making new sprites for them. In this example they are made brighter, but you may be able to change the blending color. The example uses blending and surfaces, so it's a PRO example.
2008-06-15 1634 FPS expansion download GM7/8 PRO
YoYo Games has an official tutorial for making 3D-games. I made some modifications to allow a more FPS-like movement: look around using the mouse, move faster when pressing a button, strafe, slide by walls when you hit them... I also added a modification to re-enable the mouse when in the menu, so you can handle the menu using the mouse. Do remember the original tutorial was found on YoYo Games, so all credits should go to them too.
2008-01-01 1598 Freeze download GM7/8
When you use the GM message boxes, you notice all movement stops. This is useful, as the player can read the message and still see the battlefield, without having to worry about getting hit by an enemy. It would be nice to have this feature when you open an inventory, or when you draw your own messages. This example helps you face this problem.
2010-01-29 1994 Gathering Resources download GM7/8
This is an example about resource collection for top-down games. In RTS games, there's usually a way to gather resources such as food, wood, gold... This example gives a good clue as to how you can build something like that. The code will require some modifications to make it look more realistic (obstacles, enable to influence the transporter), but this is a good start. All code is in GML, no D&D actions.
2011-03-25 1619 INI Files download
by Bebop
This examples explains the use and the manipulation of INI files, special text files which are used to store simple in-game information, i.e. initialization settings for your game. This was made in GM8, so it's not compatible with Game Maker 7.
2008-07-20 1504 Joystick Movement download GM7/8
This is an example on moving with the joystick. It's main intention is to show you how to make special moves for fighting games (i.e.: fireball: Down to Right + kick). It is mainly written in GML.
2009-02-07 1569 Keyboard Menu download GM7/8
This is a simple D&D example for showing a startup menu that's controlled with the keyboard. Press up and down to select a different option, press enter to confirm. The example uses only one object, a controller which checks all keyboard actions, remembers the currently selected option, draws them all and draws an arrow next to the selected one.
2008-01-10 1529 Login download GM7/8
This file shows you how to make a login-page. You can register a loginname and a password. The password is encrypted and saved in an INI file.
2008-07-17 1534 Login profile download GM7/8
This is an extended version of the first login-example (login.gmk). This example shows you how to use an INI-file to store the information for the inventory of the player. It also allows the player to make several profiles. The information is encrypted to the user can't cheat with his stats.
2007-11-29 1555 Memory Card Game download GM7/8
This is a basic idea for a Memory-game, where you have to flip cards and hope they have the same drawing. It has no random card-generator, though, so the layout of the room is fixed. You have to do some things for yourself!
2008-09-28 1631 Menu Bar download GM7/8
This example shows you how to create a menu-bar for your game. A menu-bar enables the player to perform general actions (restart, quit) without having to go to a different room first. There are two systems, a simple one, using sprites and D&D-actions for the button-actions, and a more dynamic one, which requires GML scripts to make the buttons work.
2007-08-04 1506 Messages with faces download GM7/8
The purpose of this file is to help you understand how to create a way of showing a message-box with a face next to it. The faces and the text are object-specific, so you can use it for multiple characters and messages.
2010-11-11 1642 Momentum download
by Bebop
This is a tutorial about momentum for platform games, made by Bebop (YYG alias: SnakeSkinCreations). This tutorial was made in GM8, so it's GM7 incompatible.
2009-05-25 3228 Motion Blur download
by NessXX
This is an example, made by NessXX, to show how to make an object look blurry when it's moving.
2007-08-12 1476 Move the view download GM7/8
This file shows a system to make the view move through the room, using the cursor. If you move the mouse near the border of the view, it moves to that side. It also shows you how to scale the view, using the up and down buttons.
2012-07-22 2464 Multi Texture 3D Cubes download GM7/8 PRO
This example shows you how to make cubes with 6 different textures, one for each side. It contains a script which can easily be copied into your game.
2008-01-10 1533 Random target download GML-file
This file contains code which returns a variable, containing an ID of a random opponent in range.
2008-06-26 1577 Read a story download ZIP-file
This example reads a textfile and stores the lines in an array. Then this array is used to show the lines in a story-room. The example is mainly written in GML, because this is required for reading files.
2009-08-13 1542 Recharge download GM7/8
This is a small D&D example to show how to work with a recharge-bar. If you press control, the object uses 100% of the Power to create a random object. After this it takes 5 seconds to power up and make a new one.
2008-02-14 1621 Running animation download GM7/8
This example shows you how to use the speed of the character to set its sprite. I also added jumping, gravity and friction, no wall collisions, though.
2009-09-05 1631 Save and Load download GM7/8
This example shows how to let the player save and load. It allows the player to choose his own savefile directory and savefile name.
2008-06-16 1460 Select and move download GM7/8
This example shows you how to select instances and move them to the mouse-position. You can select and deselect balls with the Left Mouse Button and the control-button and move a group with the Right Mouse Button.
2008-07-29 1461 Select, move, collide download GM7/8
This example is an extension of the example Select and move. The balls no longer move on top of eachother, they collide and stop, or they keep moving until they arrive, the choice is yours.
2009-08-25 1582 Shaky Camera download GM7/8
This is a shaky camera example. When you drop a bomb and it explodes, the view shakes as if the floor shivers beneath you.
2011-07-22 2541 Shooting download
by Bebop
This GM8.0 example explains how to make a character fire a bullet towards the nearest enemy. It's a platform-game and the system works with GML-code.
2011-03-26 2433 Single Script Game download
by Jack Oatley
This example shows how to make a game without using GM's internal step-system. The Instance Create event of the object obj_game contains a loop which is repeated until the game ends. Advanced knowledge of GML is required for this way of programming.
2007-11-07 1508 Slide by walls download GM7/8
Some people face a problem that their character gets stuck in a wall. Some people want to be able to slide by vertical or horizontal walls. Here's a possible solution.
2009-06-16 1902 Slow-Mo download
by Colton530
This Slow Motion example shows how to use the room speed to look like it slows down time in the game. The example is a mix genre of Platform and shooter.
2012-10-19 2278 Textbox scripts download
by Andrew Cay
M81-file PRO
This example allows you to create textboxes with the simple call of a script. You can either use manual dimensions, or you can use those of the sprite of the current object to convert this object into a textbox.
2008-01-25 1490 Throw the ball download GM7/8
Take the ball with the mouse and throw it in the room. It bounces about until gravity and friction stop the movement. The speed by which you throw the ball can be chosen by the player.
2008-01-01 1698 Top Down Shooter download GM7/8
Here's an example on a top down shooter, using one walking-character animation and different weapons.
2007-11-21 1564 Tower Defence download GM7/8
This file shows the start of a tower defence game. You press the button and creatures are generated at the tower. First you have to create the tower, by clicking the red patch. Then you can generate one flow of enemies. You can kill these by clicking them.
2009-05-02 1470 Trailing Particles download GM7/8 PRO
This example shows how to make a particle emitter follow an instance of an object in D&D. D&D doesn't have an action to relocate an emitter, GML does.
2007-09-05 1578 Upgrading download GM7/8
In some games, the character becomes stronger, faster or better armed as the game evolves. This file gives you an example on how to do that. It's a space-game, if you hit a space-station, you get to choose which feature you want to upgrade, your speed, your shield or your weaponery.
2007-09-11 1581 Upgrading 2 download GM7/8
This is a second example on upgrading. It works with one parent. When you press a button, you turn into a new object with a different ability. There is one parent that contains all events. The children only redefine the create-event to enable a different feature.
2008-02-24 1494 Use of parents download GM7/8
This example explains how parents work. It uses two objects with similar movement, but different speeds, and one parent. The parent defines the keyboard events and the children use them.
2007-11-29 1510 Walk to mouse-location download GM7/8
This is an example on making the object move to the location where you press the LMB.
2008-12-30 1747 Weapon Inventory download GM7/8
This example shows a way to implement a weapon inventory system for a platform shooter. I tried to use as little GML code as possible, if I did use code, it's clearly explained how and why (I think). The system shows the currently selected weapon and its ammo at the bottom. There's a button to show the weapon-overview, a keyboard-shortcut W has been added. When showing the overview (object inventory_screen), all other instances are deactivated and you can see the full information on the state and powers of the weapons.


Tutorials are files or collections of files with a lot more information about a subject. They explain something with both words, drawings and examples. Some tutorials may contain a PDF-file. Such files require a reader-tool. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader and many other PDF-readers for free.

Uploaddate Rating Downloads Title Type Comments
2008-03-31 16622 Game Maker Language (GML) download PDF-file
This is an introduction to the Game Maker Language. If you're interested in using code, but you don't know where to start, this may be a useful text to you.
2011-03-05 2772 GML intro download
by NpN Games
This is a tutorial for basic GML programming in Game Maker 8. It's an executable which functions as an e-reader, it'll explain the basic GML commands in a few steps.
2011-03-05 2723 GML semi advanced download
by NpN Games
This is a tutorial for more advanced GML programming in Game Maker 8. It's an executable which functions as an e-reader. Please check out the GML intro tutorial by NpN Games before running this tutorial.
2007-12-02 5083 Health download ZIP-file
Health is used in almost every game. But in most games, you also need to show this health. This is very easy in GM, until you try to apply it to multiple instances. The predefined health in GM is a global variable. It can't be used for more than one character. This tutorial tells you how to get it right.
2009-09-11 3417 Online Scoreboard download ZIP-file PRO
This tutorial shows how to make an online scoreboard with Game Maker. It uses 39DLL.dll to connect with your website and it uses two PHP-pages. One to post the score online and one to show the scoreboard in your website.
2011-02-13 2303 Parents download
by Bebop
This is a tutorial about how, why, and when to use parents. Made by Bebop (YYG alias: SnakeSkinCreations). This tutorial was made in GM8, so it's GM7 incompatible.